British Artist Steve Oliver is known for his constructed photographic works which are made exclusively in-computer (no cameras), with material sourced from Internet searches. This process unfolds over long periods, as the elements are searched out and piloted alongside each other in the emergent compositions.   


His moving image works are made by applying simple all-over editing techniques (re-photographing, re-sequencing, cropping, clipping etc) to video material culled from Internet searches. Drawing attention to the structural elements of the source image, or creating new ones.

Rubber Duckie
Point without touching
meal on a plate
Polaroid boy, polaroid girl
1944. 1944. 1944
Hal Hartley
Hand water handle
Crests (Alexander)
Up Through Seagull
Other other other
Please change
Trim white signage
Julia Davis
A terrible Light...
Andy or Jenny
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An Arundel Tomb
The ecstasy of candy
3hrs of gentle night
Don't go round...
You don't know...
Twelve Flemish Proverbs
The devil, probably
Can I say...
What would you do...
4K, action, active, adult
Have you seen
Red, delicious, fruit, apple
We'll all be...
The Good Archer
A paint tin...
See yourself doing it
Chair with leaves
One hundred percent
Tiny Hands
A Tuning...
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